In an ever-developing world that is becoming more connected, there are still too many people being left behind. As we take for granted our chance to receive a good education, our ease of access to a world of information and our opportunities to study, work and travel globally, we often forget those who do not have such benefits.

At Adventurous Global Schools we believe that education should not be limited by location or background, but that a desire to learn should be met with the means to do so. We envisage a world where everyone has the same opportunity to receive quality education.

We build and operate schools in underprivileged areas, considering local requirements and characteristics, to bring a global education to those in need. We know that it is educational software that turns a building into a school, and so our focus is on finding the best local and international teachers, creating high quality and complete curricula, and maintaining clear and focused plans for our schools to ensure their sustainability.

The future of our world is global, we will make education global too.


Our Objectives
  • to make education more available in areas that are underprivileged by building schools;
  • to promote internationalised education in underdeveloped areas;
  • to cultivate the exchange of education resources and culture among different countries.